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                         Miller Punchin Weights
Get the weedless wonder and stop waisting time picking trash off that weight!
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The Miller Punchin Weight "Wired"

This new wired miller punchin weight has been a tried and true Ca. Delta big bass producer. How many times have you tried to tullie dip or drop shot the thick shit with other weights and been so frustrated with time consuming trash picking. It has no split rings that stops the cut line issue, no swivels for less hang ups, no odd shaped wires or extended connections to fail or hang up. A rolled eye at the top for tying your line on. It's just pure weedless fishing. 174lb stainless sharktooth wire was chosen for its strength. Only pure weedless fishing is to be had with the only patented tungsten conical weight on the market today. A 4/0 Gamakatsu EWG, super line hook has painstakingly been added to a lower rolled eye, and designed to be in the up position when dropped in and in the down position when brought out with no failures like with a split ring. 
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 Wired Black 3/4oz $8.99
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 Wired Black 1oz $9.99
 Wired Green 3/4oz $8.99
 Wired Green 1oz $9.99
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