“What is Punchin?”

     To me, it’s getting a lure through very dense top water cover, such as Hyacinth, Hydrilla, Lilly pads, dead or live tulle mats, delta cheese or any mat that presents shade or seclusion for that big fish we all love to catch –Largemouth Bass.

     Take the California Delta, for example. Many areas come to mind where I have fished through top cover  with, what I call, ok success. My #1 complaint has always been the sinker design. I could toss those bowling ball sinkers 30 feet in the air or stuff my bait through the slime with my rod tip, and occasionally get rewarded with a nice fish. More often, I wasted time clearing muck and weeds from the sinker upon retrieving it, but sometimes it got hung up in the densest cover and rocketed into the side of my boat or my buddy’s stomach. Cost me a few extra bucks in gel coat repairs every time I sold a boat.

     Lost fishing time, cracked gelcoat and injured non-boaters is only part of the problem. Shallow bass spook very easy. A two ounce sinker, thrown twenty feet in the air, makes a pretty loud noise when it plops on muck two feet over the head of a big bass. I've watched lots of tulles rattle as good fish scrambled to get away from the splashdown. I've had more success with the quiet vibration on top and then a silent entry, just like a natural creature coming back down from the surface. What about the "shake'n drop" technique where a guy shakes the heck out of that 1.5 oz bowling ball sinker and still not get it through. Or, when it finally DID drop through, it came back with trash all over it.

     I couldn’t stand it. There had to be a better way...something that would enter quietly, come back clean,  easy, and work as if it was designed to be fished in the thick of it.

     That's how Miller Punchin' Weights got started. My closest buddies laughed, saying things like “Good luck, Danny, it ain't gonna work." I've got a problem with people telling me I "can't "do something. That sent me into a wake-up-and-write-it-down frenzy at 3am in the morning. After I penciled down some ideas, and reread them after coffee, I made some changes...lots of changes! Finally, I figured out a design that has turned out to be a real pleasure to "punch" with. The next step was to get it manufactured.

     Fishing has blessed me with buddies in every imaginable line of work, a machinist friend at Trisan Manufacturing in Rocklin California, knocked out the Miller Punchin Weight prototypes. Testing began and additional refinements were made. Long and slender, pointed at both ends, they were pretty cool looking. During testing, I found that this design worked beyond my wildest expectations. It parted the weeds to start the weight down and the bait followed. But then came the even bigger surprise...the weight came back up without any residual weeds or scum. It increased my fishing efficiency more than 100% as I doubled the number of mat penetrations I could make in an hour. I was thrilled, so much that I filed for and recieved a patent pending status. Dee Thomas, the father of the modern flippin technique, once said that flippin works so well because of the high number of "drops" that fish see in an hour. It's all about efficiency...Miller Punchin' Weights give you more "drops" by getting to the bass faster and coming back clean. 

     Now, I love punchin cover. Ninety-five percent of the time, it only takes a couple of gentle shakes for my weight and bait to be on their way to where the fish live. Catching bass just became a lot more productive and faster. Fishing in the thick of things just became a lot more fun. If you like to catch bass...big bass...then punch with Miller Punchin' Weights.

Danny Miller
Copyright 2009
Miller-Built Products
All rights reserved